The Zone Diet & Which Celebs Have Followed it 

Posted on: August 22, 2019
zone diet celebrities

The Zone Diet is one of many well-known diets today that have stood the test of time. Created by Barry Sears in the 1990s, this diet has become extremely popular, particularly amongst celebrities who have tried it and loved it.

Continue reading to learn a bit more about this diet and what it entails, as well as a few of the many celebs who have sworn by its effects.

What the Zone Diet Is All About

Based upon the theory that hormones, including insulin, could trigger unwanted inflammation throughout the body, and that the inflammation could then lead to unwanted weight gain, the Zone Diet focuses on creating a balance that will prevent the inflammation in the first place. When dieters are able to establish and maintain this important balance, they can begin losing weight and keeping it off.

Put simply, the Zone Diet recommends achieving he right ratio of fat, protein, and carbs at each meal. You should aim to get 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fat for optimal results.

You can, for example, separate a plate into three equal sections. Fill one section with a low-fat source of protein that is not thicker or bigger than the palm of your hand. Fill another section with fruit and another with vegetables. Add some nuts, avocados, and olive oil to consume additional healthy fats.

On top of that, this diet is quite restrictive in terms of how many calories you can consume every day. It recommends that women get around 1,200 calories, while men can get around 1,500 calories per day.

When followed correctly, experts claim that you can use the Zone Diet to lose around 5 lbs. in the first couple of weeks. From that point on, you can expect to lose up to 1½ lbs. each week.

The Pros and Cons of the Zone Diet 

As is the case with any other diet or eating plan, the Zone Diet has its own set of pros and cons that you should consider before you decide if this would be the right strategy for you to try when you are hoping to lose weight and get in shape. After all, just because you know which celebs have followed it doesn’t mean that it is automatically right for you.

According to Livestrong, some of the benefits that are associated with the Zone Diet include:

  • Weight loss – This is one of the main reasons why people start the Zone Diet in the first place, so it is great to know that experts back up the claims that are made by this diet when it comes to shedding excess pounds. It is all about the emphasis on eating healthy foods and establishing the right balance of macronutrients through your daily diet in order to help boost overall health.
  • Reduced heart disease risk – This is another major benefit that may come with following the Zone Diet. Because this eating plan can help reduce your weight, it can also help support your cardiovascular health. A study even discovered that overweight individuals who ate according to the Zone Diet’s guidelines for a year were able to lose weight, improve their cholesterol, and decrease heart disease risk.

Although there are plenty of benefits that you can derive from following the Zone Diet, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider as well. Those include:

  • It isn’t the best diet for everyone – just like any other diet, you need to try out the Zone Diet for a bit before you figure out if it’s really right for you. For some people, it works great and gives them energy, but for others, it might not meet their energy requirements. This diet does recommend consuming a low amount of calories, so if you are an athlete, as an example, who requires more calories for energy, you might find that this diet holds you back because you aren’t getting the energy that you need from it.
  • Hard to follow – Another reason why the Zone Diet isn’t popular with everyone is because some people find that it is hard to follow its instructions. It might be hard to get the breakdown of macronutrients right, while also following a diet that is low in calories, so this is something to consider.

A Few of the Celebrities That Love The Zone Diet

One of the most important reasons why the Zone Diet has been able to stand the test of time is because of the many beloved Hollywood celebrities who have given it a try and loved the results of their efforts. These celebs include:

  • Brad Pitt
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Demi Moore
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Madonna

Consider Giving the Zone Diet a Try!

If you are thinking about trying a diet that will help you balance your body in positive ways so that you can lose weight with greater ease, the Zone Diet could be just what you have been waiting for. If it can work for so many celebrities who need to have the perfect body when they are on screen, it can certainly work for you if you follow it correctly and with dedication.

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