How the Zone Diet home delivery works.
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How the Zone Diet Home Delivery Works

How does a Zone food program usually start?
Once in every week, you will receive a set of meals and snacks for all 7 days by means of a delivery package. So your delivery package includes 21 meals and 14 snacks in total: Keep in mind that 3 meals and 2 snacks are recommended for each day. So, you can look forward to a FedEx package of Zone foods which will be delivered between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. once a week. These gourmet meals and snacks are prepared according to the Zone program and promote lean body mass, weight loss, decreased carbohydrate cravings, lowered blood sugar levels, increased energy levels, improved mental clarity.

Can I afford a Zone food program?
On an average, Americans spend $25-35 a day on food and aren't assured balanced nutrition, proper portions, quality control or convenience. For only a few extra dollars a day, Zone meals are delivered at your doorstep.

What if I go away for the weekend?
Cancellation is usually possible with any Zone Diet delivery service as it is just a phone call away. For instance, our sponsors Zone Diet At Home, with 48 hours notice, will suspend home delivery service until you come back to your home. Usually most of the Zone Diet services will not charge for any meals while you are away.

What areas zone meals are delivered to?
Zone Diet delivery is not constrained to any geographical location. However, our sponsor, Zone Diet At Home™ presently delivers to all the places in US with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii.

When can I start?
A Zone Diet program usually starts 1-2 weeks after you register, depending on the day of your registration. Most of these information are available in the food retailer’s website.

How will the food be delivered if I don't have a doorman?
The food service will usually provide a pre-paid package for you to send them a duplicate key for your building's exterior door. This will allow their professional delivery team access to deliver an insulated cooler bag, which will be left outside of your interior apartment door.

How is the food heated?
Usually every Zone meal is conveniently packaged in a labeled, microwave-able container. Though oven temperatures may differ, meals should be heated for one to three minutes. We suggest opening the cover slightly to provide ventilation during the heating process.

What is the "Cancellation Policy"?
This might vary from food retailer to retailer. However the case with our sponsors is that each Monday, your week’s worth of food program will be shipped to the premises you have requested for that Wednesday. If you are dissatisfied, you understand that you must cancel your service by 3 pm Eastern that respective Friday. To clarify and repeat, any cancellation request must be tendered and confirmed before your next weekly shipment is processed on 3 pm each Friday of the Month. Telephoning 800-366-9197 may tender cancellations. Should you desire to cancel, you must receive a Cancellation Confirmation Number from our sponsor’s representative.

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