All About Dr. Barry Sears, Creator of the Zone Diet

Posted on: August 15, 2017
about doctor of zone diet Barry Sears

If you want to know where the Zone Diet came from, then you’ll need to start by learning about Dr. Barry Sears. He is the person who created this weight loss strategy which has managed to reach a significant level of popularity.

To start what you know about Dr. Barry Sears, you should realize that his expertise is in the dietary control of hormonal response. The Zone Diet’s official website unapologetically refers to him as a leading expert in that area. Prior to the creation of the diet, he worked as a Boston University School of Medicine and Massachusetts Institute of Technology research scientist. He has been working for three decades to better understand lipids.
The bio about Dr. Barry Sears on the diet’s website also points out that he reached a turning point in his career when he started to focus on prostaglandins, a form of eicosanoids that are a type of physiologically active fat compound that can have a broad spectrum of impacts similar to those of hormones. In 1982, his attention was drawn to this category as it was the focus of that year’s winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, John Vane, Sune Bergström, and Bengt I. Samuelsson.

Dr. Sears drew the conclusion that as eicosanoids are produced exclusively through the use of dietary fat, it is possible only to use the principles of intravenous drug delivery to control the hormone-like responses they cause. Essentially, he began looking at food in the same way he would look at a medication in terms of its impact on the body. He geared his research in that direction from then onward.

The Zone book was the culmination of his research until that point. It was published in 1995 and has since sold over two million copies. Dr. Sears also now holds 13 U.S. Patents relating to hormonal regulation for the purpose of cardiovascular disease treatment, and intravenous drug delivery systems.

Dr. Sears published a second book two years after the first one, titled Mastering the Zone, which has sold about a quarter of his first book’s total so far. Also in 1997, he published his third book, Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes. Two years after that came The Anti-Aging Zone. Three years after that, The OmegaRx Zone hit the shelves. The Anti-Inflammation Zone was published in 2005, followed by another book in 2008 called p;, which broke away from his “zone” title trend. That said, it was back again in “The Mediterranean Zone,” from 2014.

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