What Dieters Have to Say About the Zone Diet

Posted on: November 14, 2017
what dieters say about the zone diet

The Zone Diet is increasing in popularity every day, with more and more people giving it a try when they are attempting to lose some extra weight. But what are some of the Zone Diet testimonials that are out there, and what do they have to say about this diet plan? Are people who have tried it happy with it, or are there things that are lacking about this diet plan? We decided to compile some Zone Diet testimonials that we found online so that you could review what people are saying about it. Hopefully the information below will help you decide if you should try the Zone Diet for yourself.

Zone Diet Plus Paleo for Even Better Results

When Julianne Taylor went on the Zone Diet, she found that it worked really well for her, particularly when it came to helping her feel good on a daily basis. When she wrote her review of the Zone Diet, she mentioned, “The Zone Diet plus omega 3 had a huge health impact, and also ignited a passion, a new interest. The Zone Diet dealt with reactive hypoglycemia, PMS, and menstrual pain. I lost weight, gained energy, experienced increased mental focus and fantastic appetite control. In short, I was in awe of the difference changing my diet made.”

Julianne loved the diet so much that she even got her Zone Instructors Certificate so that she could teach others about the Zone Diet and the incredible results that they can achieve. But even though she and her clients had seen such great results, she decided to take the Zone Diet to another level by adding in some principles from the Paleo diet. And she was even happier with the results of this combination. She wrote, “When I took out non-Paleo foods—grains, legumes and dairy—my results were more profound and consistent.”

A Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle with the Zone Diet

Robert submitted his testimonial to a site called FormulaZone that provides additional helpful tools to make the Zone Diet work for anyone who wishes to pursue it. He wrote that, years ago, he started to notice that his clothes were fitting tighter and tighter each year, until he realized that he was in need of a diet and lifestyle change that would help him get back into shape. Once he found the Zone Diet, he decided to give it a try.

Over time, he learned how to follow the Zone Diet so that he could eat the right foods and continue feeling satisfied while losing weight. And he views the entire program not just as a diet, but also as a lifestyle. He wrote, “I am fortunate to have adopted this lifestyle to be a positive influence to my family and associates. If I could get healthy, so could they. I have never felt healthier than I do now.”

More Than Just Weight Loss Benefits

Precious Williams is yet another individual who tried out the Zone Diet and was so happy with the results that she wanted to write about her story and tell others about the importance of following a program like the Zone Diet.

Before starting the Zone Diet, Precious was within a healthy weight range, but she did have “problems with food.” She wrote, “I’ve always eaten healthy foods (like fruit, brown rice, organic meat) but I would tend to vastly overeat. In fact, I was eating enough for two people and I must be blessed with a fast metabolism not to have weighed much more than I did. I felt that I was out of control when it came to food. I’d eat for all the wrong reasons: eating when I was bored or upset or tired. Finally, I decided that enough was enough and started researching different diets.”

After trying other diets and either gaining weight or feeling worse because of them, she decided to try the Zone Diet and was amazed at how great she felt. Her weight stabilized, she had more energy, and she no longer felt hungry all the time. She also started sleeping better and she noticed that her skin started to look healthier than it did before the dietary changes.

In Conclusion…

Overall, those who go on the Zone Diet find that the foods that they eat nourish their bodies and give them the energy that they need to lead more active lifestyles. They lose weight and they feel great in the process.

Now that you have read some of the many testimonials from people who have given the Zone Diet a try, you know more about what you could possibly expect when you follow this popular weight loss plan. Overall, when it is combined with a healthy lifestyle and a consistent exercise routine, the Zone Diet could help you achieve great results. So, it is worth pursuing this diet if you have had trouble losing weight and keeping it off in the past.

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