Quick Zone Diet Breakfasts for Busy Mornings

Posted on: August 19, 2017
quick zone diet breakfasts

Breakfast can definitely be one of the more difficult meals of the day, especially when you’re dieting or following a specific eating plan. Most people eat in a rush as they try to get themselves together for their day, so it’s easy to fall back into bad habits and foods that will break your dieting progress.

What do you do if you’re trying to stick to the Zone Diet and need to eat in a hurry before rushing off to work or to drop off the kids at school? Here are a few quick Zone Diet breakfasts for anyone who wants to eat healthier but doesn’t have a lot of time in the morning.

Blueberry Cottage Cheese

This simple and refreshing recipe is one of the tastiest Zone Diet breakfasts that you can try right away. It can be whipped up in minutes, so you’ll probably spend more time washing the bowl than you will actually putting it together, and that’s a good thing for a busy morning.
Place 1 cup of blueberries, along with some nutmeg and cinnamon, in a blender. Then pulse it a couple of times. Finally, mix the blueberries in a bowl with ¾ cup of low-fat cottage cheese and ½ cup of plain yogurt. Top it off with 4 teaspoons of slivered almonds and you’re good to go!

Chocolate Oatmeal

Who doesn’t love the idea of chocolate in the morning for breakfast while on a diet? And this Zone Diet recipe will ensure you can have your treat without ruining your progress.
Cook 2/3 cup of oatmeal in 1 cup of soymilk and add 2 scoops of chocolate protein powder and a little bit of Splenda sweetener. Top it off with some slivered almonds. You’ll have to check how much fat is in your milk to decide how many almonds to use, but the general rule is 1 teaspoon is equal to 1 block.

Breakfast Omelet with Melon

Don’t panic about the number of ingredients, as this omelet will still be surprisingly quick to make because you can do some slicing and chopping ahead of time from the night before, or you can multi-task while the omelet is cooking.

Heat 2 egg whites in a skillet until they’re slightly firm. While they’re firming up, chop 1.5 ounces of deli style turkey slices, 1 ounce of reduced fat cheddar cheese, and 6 olives. Once the eggs are setting, you can add the turkey, cheese, and olives. Fold the omelet over. While that cooks through, cut up 1.5 cups of honeydew melon into cubes. Plate and enjoy!

Try these Zone Diet breakfasts whenever you need to have a healthy meal to start your day but you don’t have a lot of time. You’re sure to love indulging in them, and you can rest assured you’ll be sticking to your weight loss goals.

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