Zone Diet Testimonials

read zone diet testimonialsIf you have heard of the Zone Diet but you are not sure about whether or not it really works, you can check out some of the many Zone Diet testimonials out there. These were written by people who have actually followed this weight loss plan, so you can begin to gauge whether or not it is effective and worth pursuing.

Check out the Zone Diet testimonials below to get a glimpse into what people are saying about this unique diet plan.

The Zone Diet Could Help You Eat Right

One reviewer went on the Zone Diet not to lose weight, but to eat better. While she would consume healthy foods in general, she had a bad habit of overeating, and she would also often end up eating whenever she felt tired, upset, or bored. (more…)

All About Dr. Barry Sears, Creator of the Zone Diet

If you want to know where the Zone Diet came from, then you’ll need to start by learning about Dr. Barry Sears. He is the person who created this weight loss strategy which has managed to reach a significant level of popularity.

To start what you know about Dr. Barry Sears, you should realize that his expertise is in the dietary control of hormonal response. The Zone Diet’s official website unapologetically refers to him as a leading expert in that area. Prior to the creation of the diet, he worked as a Boston University School of Medicine and Massachusetts Institute of Technology research scientist. He has been working for three decades to better understand lipids. (more…)

The Zone Diet & Which Celebs Have Followed it 

The Zone Diet is one of many well-known diets today that have stood the test of time. Created by Barry Sears in the 1990s, this diet has become extremely popular, particularly amongst celebrities who have tried it and loved it.

Continue reading to learn a bit more about this diet and what it entails, as well as a few of the many celebs who have sworn by its effects. (more…)

Zone Food Blocks Explained

The Zone Diet, which has become hugely popular, involves what are known as Zone Food Blocks. These may appear complicated at first, but once you learn all about them, you will find it much easier to stick to this diet and get the results that it promises.

A Way to Measure Protein, Carbs, and Fat

Zone Food Blocks are designed to make it easy for you to balance the right amount of fat, carbs, and protein in your diet. Doing so will also help to balance your hormones and lose weight.

Put simply, a Zone Block of carbs will have 9 grams of total carbs minus fiber. A single Zone Block of fat will have 1.5 grams of fat, and a single Zone Block of protein will have 7 grams of protein. So, for example, if you are having a meal that contains 14 grams of protein, you would be consuming two blocks.

Calculate the Number of Blocks Allowed

Before you can decide upon the meal plans that will work with your diet, you need to figure out how many Zone Blocks you will be allowed to eat every day. The majority of women, for example, will be able to consume roughly 11 Zone Blocks, while the majority of men will be able to go up to 14 Zone Blocks. This number will be affected by your level of activity every day, as well as your body fat amount.

Different Blocks for Different Meals

The number of blocks that you consume will vary throughout the day, based upon the meals that you are consuming. While snacks between meals may only constitute one block each, breakfast might have you eating two blocks, while dinner and lunch may both have you eating three blocks. If your limit is 11 blocks, you can figure out what to eat at every meal so that you don’t go overboard by the end of the day.

For example, if you have 6 ounces of cottage cheese with 1/8 cup of rolled oats, a cup of strawberries, 2 ounces of blueberries, and 9 cocoa almonds, you would be eating three blocks of carbs, three blocks of fat, and three blocks of protein, making that a three-block meal.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of what the Zone Food Blocks are and what they require of you, you can rest assured that you will be able to follow the Zone Diet accurately. Before long, you should start looking and feeling great as you slim down and tone up.

Zone Diet Dos and Don’ts for Best Results

If you are following the extremely popular Zone Diet for weight loss, there are some Zone Diet dos and don’ts that you need to take into consideration in order to ensure you are doing everything right and getting the very best results. Continue reading to learn more, whether you are already on this diet or thinking about getting started on it.

Do Enjoy Snacking Throughout the Day

The Zone Diet is not one that will tell you that you need to eliminate snacking. In fact, the opposite is true, as this diet advocates having a couple of snacks every day. The goal will be to eat something every five hours. In this way, you can avoid hunger while keeping your blood sugar level stable. Just make sure that you are having a healthy snack every time.

Do Invest in Zone Diet Products

Another one of the top Zone Diet dos and don’ts is with regards to Zone Diet products. You may be contemplating whether or not these are actually worthwhile, but experts advocate that purchasing these could actually make prepping your meals even simpler. Zone Diet products will also have higher amounts of protein, and they could help to control your hunger and burn more fat.

Don’t Consume Fatty Protein

There are a lot of protein sources out there to choose from, but when it comes to the Zone Diet, you should avoid fatty protein sources and stick with lean protein sources instead. Make it a point to create meals that are properly balanced, too. This means that 30% of every meal should consist of lean protein.

Don’t Just Throw Together Any Meal

If you are following the Zone Diet, you really need to pay attention to how you balance every plate that you make for yourself. Ideally, every dish should be split into three sections, all equal to each other. One should be packed with a lean protein, as mentioned above. The remaining two sections of your plate could be filled with carbohydrates, but they should be healthy, colorful carbs, such as steamed vegetables. And healthy fats could come in the form of avocados, almonds, and olive oil that can top your meal.

With these Zone Diet dos and don’ts in mind, you can really make the most of what this unique diet plan has to offer, and you can achieve amazing results. Remember that with consistent effort, a healthy diet, and a workout routine that gets your body moving, you can burn fat and calories and slim down in no time.