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Is the Scandi Sense Diet Legit?

Is the Scandi Sense Diet Legit or Just Another Dieting Scam?

Suzy Wengel is the woman behind the Scandi Sense Diet, which has been generating quite the buzz as a new alternative to other diet plans. But is this diet legit, or is it just another dieting scam that you should avoid?

five factor diet celebrities

The  5-Factor Diet & Which Celebs Have Followed It

The 5-Factor Diet is an exceptionally popular weight loss strategy that has gained a considerable amount of time in the spotlight. Among the main reasons the media loves this diet so much is because of the number of celebrities who follow it. Harley Pasternak, celebrity fitness trainer, is the creator of this diet. Pasternak created […]

zone diet celebrities

The Zone Diet & Which Celebs Have Followed it 

The Zone Diet is one of many well-known diets today that have stood the test of time. Created by Barry Sears in the 1990s, this diet has become extremely popular, particularly amongst celebrities who have tried it and loved it. Continue reading to learn a bit more about this diet and what it entails, as […]

Freshology diet review

The Freshology Diet & Which Celebs Follow It

There are a host of diets to choose from today, and one that has been rapidly gaining in popularity is known as Freshology. This diet actually works by delivering food kits right to your door, making it a snap for even the busiest households to eat right and lose weight. As a dieter, you can […]